The word chakra in Sanskrit translates to wheel or disc. Chakras are entry gates of the energetic body that are constantly rotating and vibrating. They are centers of activity that receive, assimilate and express life-force energy.

They are responsible for the person’s physical, mental, emotional & spiritual functions.

The most significant ones are the seven main chakras located along the central line of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They are located in the energetic body and they express the embodiment of spiritual energy in the physical world.

When one (or more) of the chakras are blocked and the energy does not flow harmoniously through them, or it is wide open, it will result in imbalance that is manifested in all areas of life. Chakra imbalances can show up in several ways physically, emotionally and mentally.

Signs there may be a chakra imbalance:

  • low back pain
  • bladder or bowel issues
  • lack of circulation
  • reproductive disorders
  • low sex drive
  • digestive issues
  • thyroid problems
  • headaches
  • nervousness
  • low self esteem or insecure
  • eating disorders
  • inability to be self-expressed
  • anger
  • depression
  • indecision
  • unclear communication
  • critical towards self and others
  • lack of creativity and/or motivation
  • scattered mentally
  • fearful

During a Chakra Balancing session, the client is fully clothed while lying on a comfortable massage mat, with a blanket if desired. For further relaxation, soft music is played and essential oils may be used, and sound healing, crystals, laying of hands and visualization are incorporated. Healing modalities in the session may include Reiki, Access Bars®, use of crystals, EFT and more.

The session begins with light stretching and compression of the body, and energy healing as the practitioner connects with the clients’ energy as well as the Universal Healing Energy. This is followed by a “reading” of the chakras as the practitioner senses which chakras are too open, too closed, or other specific qualities held within the chakra itself and gradually bringing balance to each.

The healing session is sealed with a guided meditation that enables the client to become a very active participant in the process. While the client continues to remain quiet and relaxed on the table, the practitioner guides the clients’ thoughts through their energetic body, focusing on balancing the chakras. This is all done from the comfort of your home, office or location of choice.

 Some benefits of clearing and balancing chakras include:

  • faster and greater ability to heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues
  • increase the health and strength of your immune system
  • easier release of non-supportive patterns
  • increased passion for life
  • experience the power of living in the present
  • increased manifesting ability to create what you want in life
  • access financial wisdom
  • enjoy healthy and loving relationships
  • greater pleasure and enjoyment in life
  • realization of your self worth
  • make clear choices
  • self confidence to accept and express yourself
  • ease in experiencing love and forgiveness of self and others
  • inspiration to turn dreams into reality
  • recognize, access and increase intuition, inner guidance
  • express and release emotions in a healthy manner
  • enjoy the clarity of a focused mind
  • clear communication of your heart and mind
  • feeling a lightness in the heart, mind and spirit
  • peace of mind and an open heart


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